What I Will Provide For You:

I will drastically reduce your risk of being injured, deliberately harmed, or caused embarrassment by wayward individuals. Are you a celebrity or business executive? By reducing risks to your personal safety, you will be free to focus on your daily responsibilities without distraction. My protective services will blend seamlessly into your daily routine. Protective services extend to judges and private civilians who are being stalked.

Who I Am:

I am a trained and certified protection specialist who has protected various clients from the above risks. I do threat assessments to gauge how likely and how serious a criminal, or other, threat is. Based on that, I form a threat management plan which keeps you safe as you travel to and from home. I also do security surveys to detect weak security “spots” at your home or workplace. I also offer armed/unarmed defense for your personal safety.

My Approach:

Pre-empting threats to your safety so they do not have to be handled through armed/unarmed defense. However, as a last resort I can use physical defense efforts to keep you safe.

In addition, my protection plans are discreet and customized to fit your particular needs and circumstances.

Contact Me:

George Koukeas



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